Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tree of Life.

Even a tree knows enough, not to cut away its roots, in order to be free.

Roots are important things. You can venture to be free without committing suicide in the process.
Besides, like a tree, you have your own task to perform.

A tree doesn't need to know what its task is, in order to perform it.
Neither do you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What is Truth?

Another casualty of modern man is the notion of what is being referred-to by the word 'truth'.
It used to be that 'truth' meant what was so, whether you liked it, or not, agreed with it, or not.
Today, however, 'truth' means what you are comfortable with, what you like to hear, and what you agree with.
If you don't like it, then it can not be true.

Individual comfort, raised to the level of God, is at the heart of modern delusion.
Convenience over Reality.
How could such a state render anybody anything else but nuts?

"I don't accept that", "that is unacceptable", "that is biased", "that is hateful", are all modern responses to a dose of truth.
It's hard to see how anybody can learn anything, progress, or grow, when anything one may not like, or feel comfortable with, can be so conveniently discarded and labeled 'untrue'.

Reality can only be recognized when accepted without judgment. What you see is what you get.
Refuse to see it, and it will refuse to see you.
And your whole existence will take place inside the dingy confines of your own skull.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Peace on Earth.

If 'World Peace' was so easy, somebody else would already have discovered the means by which it could be achieved.
One way it is absolutely not achieved, is to make an enemy of every individual that stands before you, because they do not spout the same drivel you do.
Do you recognize this? Have you encountered it? Unless you, yourself, are a hardcore political leftist, then you certainly must have.

Peace is a long and arduous process, that goes against the way of humans.
Conflict is inherent in everything a human does, its degree contingent upon the level of insanity that has established itself in the psyche of each individual.

Those who demand 'World Peace' the loudest, are those with the least patience for what it takes to move towards it.
And the only reason they even want it, is because they are afraid of what its absence might mean to them, as individuals.

All conflict is seated in ego. Ego is that thing that separates individuals from the whole. To battle it out for supremacy.
Insignificant little cells, fighting each other to be the most important cell.
The body suffers.

If you would have "World Peace", start by being peaceful.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


In the beginning there was God.
And everything was God.
Everything in all the manifestations of God, was God.
All was One.

In all of God, and in all God's manifestations, only one of them became separated from God.
Thus did man sin against God, and by separation did sin.
And God decreed that ever after, man could have his sin, but in exile from God, and all that was God. And so did banish man from Eden.

 Merciful God, though Authority, did leave man a chance to repent, and rejoin with God, and all that was God.
Should a man kneel and repent, through trials and hardships, and truly give up his sin, should he rejoin the Host.
And only by renouncement, and truth, should man come back once more to the fold.
And so it was.

 Thus did God both punish, and redeem fallen man.
In his wisdom and greatness, did he give to man the means by which man might again join with God. He made in man a small space, to remain empty until the time of his readiness.
This space was Void, containing nothing, and into which nothing could be placed, save his Soul.

 And should man, in his grief and sorrow, look deeply enough into this Void, searching for his Soul, should he find it.
And man, become Soul, should rejoin, once more his God, and all that is God.
That man, once more, would know himself, and know his God, and know all that is God.
And God would be his only name.

The beasts, the birds, the fishes and the trees, and even the rocks and the waters, and every existing thing, would rejoice.
For man's return to them, with them, and of them. Being God in every instance, every grain, and every pebble.
Every wind, and every rain, every warmth, and every cold. Every Sun and Moon, every day and every night.
 For all of it was God. is God, and will forever be God.

That a man may cast aside his name, and his story, his will, and his mind.
To sit with nothing, silently. Awaiting death, his fear laid down, to give up every hope.
When remains there, nothing, save that smallest Void, shall man come home, to know himself, again, as God, with God, and of everything that is God.

 With nothing is man brought forth, from nothing does he rise.
 With nothing does he leave, and of him, nothing does remain.
 This is man, and all of man, and is his purpose, and his fate.
 It is his Soul, alone, that ever lives; his Soul alone, endures.

Your Soul.

Your Soul IS your identity.
Anything added or removed IS your ego.

Do you have a Soul?
Are you sure?

You found it!

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